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How to Send Money to Lebanon with Purpl and Paysend

Purpl has integrated with Paysend as the first partner in our international remittance partner network. 

If you’re someone who is sending money to Lebanon, you can now use Paysend as a sending platform and choose Purpl as an option for the beneficiary to receive money in Lebanon.

Purpl's Diary

WE ARE LIVE! And Guess What?

Before making any introduction: WE ARE LIVEEEEEE!! I know I made you scream LIIIIVEEE, and here I did once again. But please excuse my excitement level, or just get excited with me! 💃💃💃

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What Did Our Early Adopters Have to Say About Purpl?

At Purpl, customer experience is at the heart of what we do; thriving to bring the best experience to all our users.

We reached out to more than 150 beta users who have downloaded Purpl and signed up on the app to welcome them to our community, and sent them out a survey. Some which joined us since our first app release on April 2022 and believed in us from day one.

Financial Inclusion

Purpl Reshaping the Lebanese Remittance Market

Purpl was made for Lebanon, to reconnect the diaspora population with their home country by facilitating remittance payments, lowering remittance costs, and enabling financial inclusion. Purpl aims to become the first remittance and cash out aggregator to facilitate cross-border payments into – and eventually out of – Lebanon and enable its customers to make use of Purpl digital wallet to transact at Purpl merchants’ network.


Purpl: On a Mission to promote Digital Financial Inclusion

We have no doubt that the presence of technology-driven institutions increases financial inclusion by leveraging the opportunities that technology offers to reduce costs, expand the scale, and deepen the reach of financial services.  We believe that financial inclusion is more than just new products and new distribution channels.


Purpl top 3 takeaways from Step Conference 10th anniversary in Dubai

This year, Step Conference celebrated it’s 10th anniversary, and no better way to celebrate it than with an in person event! In the own words of Ray Dargham, CEO of Step, “The last two days have been incredible. We put on the best conference to date.” 


The Importance of WHY, HOW and WHAT at Purpl

Upon reflecting on everything that happened in 2021, starting with the decision to join forces with my current 2 co-founders Jean-Marie Khoueir and Wissam Ghorra, and where we are today close to launch and with a growing full time team,

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Purpl: Democratizing Money Transfers to Lebanon

One-third of Humanity relies on remittances. It is estimated that 1 billion immigrants worldwide help their families by sending money back home. On average, each migrant who sends money back home in the form of remittances supports three individuals, as

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