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You Download

Download Paysend or Remitly from your App Store or Play Store

You Sign up

In a couple of minutes, create your account on the app and link your card or bank account

You Send

Send money instantly with the lowest fees to your beneficiary’s phone number

They Download

Your beneficiary downloads Purpl from their App Store or Play Store and signs up in a couple minutes

They Verify

Then it just takes a couple of minutes to get their profile verified and all they need is their ID and a selfie

They Cashout

Your beneficiary cashes out from hundreds of locations, with ZERO fees, from our cash out partners
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What people are saying about Purpl


I just want to thank you :purple_heart: My first experience with Purpl went very smooth and easy . All you need to do is type in the OTP code on the machine and the exact amount you’re receiving and within seconds you receive the cash . the amount received is the exact amount sent , no fees taken :smiling_face_with_3_hearts: Overall I’m very pleased with Purpl and will definitely tell others to use Purpl :tulip:


Guys! It’s really the best app to use if you want to receive money from abroad. I use it personally, my brother transfered an amount of $200 two days ago, I received them yesterday with Zero fees and for my brother they took around 5$ only!! You can use it if you work remotely also, to get your salary transferred without deductions! As their slogan says – every $ counts! And they mean it! I really recommend it!


Guys It’s really an amazing app. At the beginning I didn’t believe this is true in Lebanon :joy_cat: but I have tried in little money amount and it worked:heart_eyes: , the ATM cash out process is super easy, also the team called me and followed up this, they’re the best. You don’t need any bank card, money is withdrawn as it is received without deduction as other money transfer platforms !!!!!!! I highly recommend it:white_check_mark:


What i love about this app is the easy withdrawal + option to select the atm. Great app so far. Keep it up :muscle::muscle:

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Share this link with your beneficiaries to
download Purpl and receive money instantly.