Send money to Lebanon from anywhere

"Purpl me", the new way of sending, receiving and spending money in Lebanon

Why Purpl

Because it is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to receive money in Lebanon from anywhere in the world. With your Purpl wallet, cash out from anywhere, spend at a network of merchants, manage your finances, and help us shape the future of digital wallets.


Send money to Lebanon from anywhere

It’s now easier and safer than ever for your loved ones abroad to send you money directly into your Purpl wallet.


Unbeatable rates

Because we know that every dollar counts, we provide the lowest rates for senders with ZERO fees on beneficiaries.


Your money, your way

You can choose to spend your money directly using your Purpl wallet or cash it out!

Made for you, powered by you

Purpl is a user-centric app built to provide you with a seamless experience when sending, receiving and spending your money. Simply select the transaction you want to cash out, and then find the most convenient location using our geo-locator.

Scan the code to download the Purpl app:

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Purpl features

Purpl is so much more than just your digital wallet. We are built to make your everyday financial needs a breeze. From receiving money in Lebanon to spending it, we cover it all! You can cash it out, use it, split the bill and earn rewards, while managing your finances. All you need to do is say “Purpl me!”

Receive & spend

Receive money on your Purpl wallet and spend it at some of your favorite merchants.

Cash in & cash out

Just as you can cash out money, you can cash in too! Top up your Purpl wallet instantly via our cash-out partners.

Manage your finances

Take charge of your finances and budget with our Purpl insights that allows you to monitor your digital wallet.

Earn more

The more you spend, the more you earn! Enjoy rewards and/or cashback from our network of merchants.

How it started

Our blog

Purpl: Empowering Lebanon’s Independence through Digital Finance

As Lebanon gears up to celebrate its Independence Day every year, it’s a significant occasion for a nation that has seen its fair share of challenges. The economic crisis and geopolitical tensions in recent years have left many feeling the weight of uncertainty and instability. 

Our News

How Purpl is Transforming Lebanon’s Remittance Industry

When the founders of Purpl launched their remittance start-up in Lebanon last year, their aim was to solve an increasingly difficult — and expensive — challenge for millions of Lebanese people living abroad: sending money home to friends and family after the collapse of the country’s banking sector.

Trouble with Purpl?

We answer the most frequently asked questions below to explain how Purpl works, how to register, get started and help with any issues you might face.

How does Purpl Work?

Purpl’s mobile app allows you to instantly receive money sent from anywhere in the world, via our digital remittance partners, and cash it out in USD across hundreds of locations on the Lebanese territory via our geo-locator; and all of this at the tip of your fingers. Purpl app is available on both Apple Store and Google Play.

How can I cash out my money?

Once your profile is verified on the app, click on ‘Cash Out’, select the transaction you want to cash out, and then select the most convenient cash out location using our geo-locator. You will receive an OTP or QR code to be used upon cash out. Keep your information secure and do not share them with anyone!