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Send Money

5 Reasons Why Sending Money is the Best Valentine’s Gift 💝

Valentine’s Day is a time to show your loved ones how much they mean to you, and for some people, sending money as a gift can be the perfect way to do it. It’s flexible, convenient and budget-friendly, and it can be personalized to suit the preferences of the recipient.


5 Predictions for Fintech in 2023 by Purpl’s Co-founder & CEO

Little did we expect at the beginning of 2022 that the 2nd half of this year would turn out to be quite rocky and most probably a turning point for the tech industry in general, and fintech more particularly. For over a decade, a low interest rate environment around the world has fueled investment with traditional VCs beginning to compete with the arrival of hedge funds, sovereign and family offices in the space.

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money transfer

5 Myths About Online Money Transfers Debunked

Online money transfers have become an increasingly popular way to send money to friends and family, pay bills, and make purchases online. With the convenience of being able to send money from your computer or mobile device, it’s no surprise that more and more people are using online money transfer services.

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Financial Inclusion

Battling Gender Disparities in the Financial Sector

Throughout history, women have faced limited financial inclusion due to barriers imposed by social norms. This notion still remains valid in many cultures and must be battled effectively.

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Send Money

4 Reasons Why Sending Money May be the Best Christmas Gift 🎁

Christmas 🎄 is around the corner and we are all wondering what might be the perfect gift for our loved ones, especially for those of us who are living abroad. Sending gifts show our friends and family that we love them and care for them even from a distance.

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What Did Our Early Adopters Have to Say About Purpl?

At Purpl, customer experience is at the heart of what we do; thriving to bring the best experience to all our users.

We reached out to more than 150 beta users who have downloaded Purpl and signed up on the app to welcome them to our community, and sent them out a survey. Some which joined us since our first app release on April 2022 and believed in us from day one.

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Digital Payments: Is Cash Still King in Today’s World?

Cash didn’t always exist. When human society came into existence, the economy was cashless and dependent on the barter of goods and services and other exchange methods. It wasn’t until thousands of years later that monetary coins were developed and followed by paper money. But in today’s world, a cashless economy is an economy where all financial transactions are powered by digital transformation and digital wallets.

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How Banks and Fintech Can Work Together?

Not until too long ago, banks and fintech used to see each other as competitors, but now the tendency is to increasingly work together! And Purpl is no exception as our Co-founder & CEO explains in this piece for Entrepreneur


How Remittances Impact Human, Financial and Social Development

Your uncle lives abroad in order to make money to send back to family back in Lebanon. Regardless of the channel through which he sends the money (whether it’s a remittance service, digital wallet, or bringing the cashback in person), this money transfer is called remittance. 

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