About us

A smart way to receive money in Lebanon

We believe in an alternative to the remittance players of the past 😉

Our Story

It’s 2021, Lebanon is grappling with one of the worst economic crises worldwide, most of us Lebanese have lost access to our money in the banks, the LBP is continuing it’s descent to hell making our favorite national dish, hummus, more and more expensive, and Covid is making another come back!

Millions of Lebanese around the world are overpaying hundred of millions of USD in fees via traditional money transfer companies while sending money back to their loved ones in Lebanon. How you ask? Bad exchange rates and additional cash out fees for the beneficiary.

Karl, Jean-Marie and Wissam, our 3 co-founders, thought “Enough is Enough”. Karl and Jean-Marie would come to Lebanon every month with cash EUR given by their friends in Paris to distribute to their families back home which was not very efficient.

This is why, one day, they decided to create me, Purpl, your smart way to receive money in Lebanon in just a few clicks. Karl bought a one-way ticket back to Lebanon and here I am!

With Purpl, you can cash out fresh USD at ZERO fees instantly, anywhere, anytime and for you the sender it will be up to 2x cheaper than with your usual money transfer companies. To top it off, you do not need a bank account and get drowned in paperwork. I am digital and open for all.

Join our digital revolution to democratize cross-border transfers and enable financial access to all and let’s shake up the old system by changing the way we send, receive and spend money!

I am Purpl, Made for Lebanon, Powered by You

Our Mission

Connect, empower and enable financial access to all
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