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Purpl's Diary

The team behind Purpl & Important Announcement 🚀

Hello there, it’s me Purpl! Again 😉! It’s been a while since we last spoke! Well, 1 week perhaps? Feels like an eternity when you’ve been as busy as we have been! 😵  But today I am coming to you with exciting news. I COULDN’T WAIT ANY LONGER TO SHARE THEM WITH YOU!

Purpl's Diary

Meet Purpl… Bold & Fearless, With Heart ✨

If you could go out to dinner with any brand, who would you pick 🍽 ?
Now, I know that may sound weird, but stay with me. Harley Davidson… I think would be too loud, which would embarrass me.


Purpl top 3 takeaways from Step Conference 10th anniversary in Dubai

This year, Step Conference celebrated it’s 10th anniversary, and no better way to celebrate it than with an in person event! In the own words of Ray Dargham, CEO of Step, “The last two days have been incredible. We put on the best conference to date.” 

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4 Reasons Why Digital Remittances Are Important

Remittances have been constantly evolving throughout centuries. In this post, we aim to shed some light on the evolution of remittances from the Hawala system to digital remittances and the 4 reasons why they are important in today’s globally connected world.


The Importance of WHY, HOW and WHAT at Purpl

Upon reflecting on everything that happened in 2021, starting with the decision to join forces with my current 2 co-founders Jean-Marie Khoueir and Wissam Ghorra, and where we are today close to launch and with a growing full time team,

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Purpl: Democratizing Money Transfers to Lebanon

One-third of Humanity relies on remittances. It is estimated that 1 billion immigrants worldwide help their families by sending money back home. On average, each migrant who sends money back home in the form of remittances supports three individuals, as

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