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Purpl: Empowering Lebanon’s Independence through Digital Finance

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As Lebanon gears up to celebrate its Independence Day every year, it’s a significant occasion for a nation that has seen its fair share of challenges. The economic crisis and geopolitical tensions in recent years have left many feeling the weight of uncertainty and instability. 

Yet, amidst these difficulties, Purpl’s founders were intent on presenting a glimmer of hope. As a money transfer app and digital wallet, Purpl hopes to revolutionize Lebanon’s financial landscape and bring about new and innovative financial solutions.

In this blog post, we would like to tell you how Purpl is not just about facilitating money transfers, but also contributing to Lebanon’s financial independence and empowerment.

Financial Independence with Purpl: A Pathway to Prosperity for Lebanon

Statistics have repeatedly shown that remittances are a lifeline for countless Lebanese families – for as long as many of us can remember. However, the currently available money transfer solutions may present various challenges. Those can be in terms of fees, availability, time, and/or paperwork.

Purpl was created to address all the above challenges. We want to make sure that loved ones can send financial support without hassle or delays. We provide our users the ability to receive money from over 45+ countries instantly, seamlessly, and with zero fees. 

Whether it’s to cover essential expenses, fund education, receive extra money, or get paid for online work, Purpl wants to enable individuals to take control of their financial lives.

Purpl’s Commitment to a Brighter Financial Future for Lebanon

Knowledge paves the way to financial independence. At Purpl, we don’t want to just facilitate money transfers; we’re also intent on improving financial literacy and awareness in Lebanon. Through various small initiatives, Purpl is actively working to empower its users with financial knowledge. This will allow them to make informed decisions and create a brighter future for themselves and our nation.

As a result, Purpl’s commitment to financial literacy includes:

Small Educational Initiatives: Whether it’s through brief social media posts, statistics, or blogs of varying themes, we are always making sure to share information with our audience. 

Community Support: We created our own Purpl Community Group! Here users can share financial tips and advice, discuss available options, and contribute their own content. Thus, helping one another navigate the complexities of the financial world. 

You can join our Facebook Community group here!

Customer-Centric Support: Our support team is always available. Whether it’s to guide both users and non-users through the entire process of using Purpl, or to answer any questions or concerns that might arise. We are fully dedicated to offer our audience the peace of mind and empowerment they deserve.

Purpl’s Future Plans and Work Always in Progress

We at Purpl are dedicated, against all odds, to bring our users new features and services. The goal is to allow them to do more and achieve further financial freedom.

Expansion: Our team is always working on onboarding new partners on both the sending and cash out side. This helps us expand our reach and bring our services to more and more people who might need it. Financial inclusion is after all, a part of Purpl’s mission.

Updates and Enhancements: User experience and friendliness is at the heart of what we do. We are always listening to your feedback and suggestions and optimizing our application and platforms to suit your needs. 

Updates and Features: With more features and options, comes more control of your personal finances. We have loads of ideas in mind, and we know you do too! Purpl always has something in the works for you; that’s why we’re always telling you to stay tuned. 💜


On Lebanon’s Independence Day, the nation reflects on its journey and looks toward a brighter future. In a time of economic crisis, Purpl hopes to empower financial independence, stability, and inclusion. We want to be more than just a money transfer app; but also a testament to the resilience and determination of the Lebanese people to regain control of their financial destinies. 

As we all celebrate the Lebanese Independence Day, let’s also look towards brighter days and efforts that can pave the way for a prosperous future in Lebanon.

Written by: Maria Sawaya

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