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4 Ways Fintech is Empowering Youth in Underserved Communities

The financial services industry has a long history of underinvesting in underserved communities, like the youth population (people between the ages of 15-24 as defined by the UN). Fintech, one of the key elements in shaping the financial industry, is working hard to close these gaps and empower underserved groups through technology.

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Digital Wallets

How Digital Wallets Are Becoming Lifestyle Apps

It is quite a common scenario to arrive at the checkout at the supermarket and start fumbling through your wallet for cash, or through several cards to find the right one to make your payment. Digital wallets have been developed and designed to make this process (and many others) a lot simpler, faster, and hassle-free.

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Digital Wallets

Could Digital Wallets be the New ‘Normal’?

Lockdowns and remote work have changed how consumers purchase and pay for goods and services. In the near future, we won’t ever have to say “Oops, I forgot my wallet”. Here is a picture of our lifestyle with digital wallets,

Financial Inclusion

Purpl Reshaping the Lebanese Remittance Market

Purpl was made for Lebanon, to reconnect the diaspora population with their home country by facilitating remittance payments, lowering remittance costs, and enabling financial inclusion. Purpl aims to become the first remittance and cash out aggregator to facilitate cross-border payments into – and eventually out of – Lebanon and enable its customers to make use of Purpl digital wallet to transact at Purpl merchants’ network.

Purpl's Diary

Ready? Set… Test! 🚀

-Twenty seconds and counting. T minus 15 seconds. Twelve, 11, 10, 9, ignition sequence starts… 8, 7, 6, 5, 4… 3… 2… 1, zero, all engine running… TEST!

-Test? Are you kidding me? What happened with the LIFT OFF? 🧐

-We’re sorry Purpl, lift-off cannot take place unless our rocket is well tested!”

Nope, it’s not a conversation between aerospace engineers of Space X, but a quick chat between me and the product team last month.🙄

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Send Money

What to Look Out for When Sending Money to Lebanon

You may ask how complicated it would be or what might affect your cross-border transfer? There’s nothing to worry about, but there are at least some things to consider when sending money to Lebanon, whether you’re sending money to support your loved ones to make ends meet with some cash or to close your old or recurring invoices.

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The History of the Lebanese Diaspora & Remittances

Lebanon is the Arab country with the longest history of emigration accompanied by a history of remittances. It is almost a fact that every Lebanese household has been touched by emigration, whether a family member or a friend. According to Eliane Fersan, the earliest example of modern Lebanese migration date to the 1850s when Anthonius al-Bashalani set foot in America. Ever since both emigration and remittances shaped Lebanon.

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