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5 Reasons We Think You’ll Love Purpl to Receive Money in Lebanon

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You’ve probably stumbled upon Purpl before, and now you’re wondering: “Why would I use Purpl to receive money in Lebanon, and what value can I truly get from it.” We’re here to give you 5 good reasons to use Purpl when receiving money in Lebanon. But first, let’s tell you what Purpl is in case it didn’t ring a bell yet.

What is Purpl?

Purpl allows you to instantly receive money in Lebanon sent from anywhere in the world via our digital remittance partners and cash it out in USD across hundreds of locations on the Lebanese territory via our geo-locator, and all of this at the tip of your fingers.

Here are 🖐 reasons why you should use Purpl to receive money in Lebanon👇

1. Zero Cash-out fees

They say to leave the best for last, but we know that every dollar counts, and we thought we’d bring it up to the top of the list.

Spend your money where it counts the most. With Purpl, you can receive your money in Lebanon and cash them without any fees. And of course, you cash out your money in fresh USD.

For example, if your loved one sent you $200, you cash out the $200 as they are. 

2. ATM Cardless Cash-out

When you read the word ATM, probably the first thing that pops into your head is a bank account or a bank card. You may have never withdrawn or deposited money through an ATM without having a bank account. But with Purpl you can do that! Purpl promotes equality and empowers you with cardless access to these ATMs for cash out. 

We brought innovation and have made ATMs available even to the unbanked by introducing the first ATM cardless cash out in Lebanon. All you have to do is input the OTP and the amount of the transaction. The cash-out is instant, and it literally takes around 15 seconds. 

We have 100+ ATMs with our first cash-out partner all across Lebanon. The availability of the ATMs cash-out points will allow you to cash out from anywhere.

ATM Cardless Cash-out

3. Instant Transfer

Since it’s a digital transfer experience, the money is instantly transferred into your purpl account. It takes even less time than reading this sentence. Once the sender hits the “Send Money” button, your funds appear on your home screen. Sounds like magic? ✨

4. Manage Funds

Now, you never have to worry about losing track of your transactions. No more stacking your drawer with unnecessary receipts of your old transactions. 

Purpl has made it available for you to view your balance and keep track of all your transaction history on the app. You can see the amount and date of each transaction and when it’s received and withdrawn. It is a great way to help you keep your money sorted, and your spending tracked.

5. Receive Money in Lebanon Fully Digitally

Say hello to a seamless and digitized money transfer experience to Lebanon, and goodbye to long queues, handing your ID regularly, and roaming the streets to find an agent.

Now, your loved ones can send you money digitally through our digital remittance partner platforms, and the money goes straight into your Purpl account instantly. Beneficiaries can receive money in Lebanon from anywhere in the world to their pocket in a fast and seamless transfer.

We built our mobile application to tailor for everyone, and we partnered with multiple digital remittance platforms to complete the whole process digitally. One easy sign-up on the app, and that’s it. It is easy as 1,2,3. 

On the app, you can view the geolocator map to locate the nearest cash-out point. On cash-out, you will receive an OTP on the app to cash out your funds. Moreover, you have the option to view your transaction history. You can also contact our support agents via LiveChat directly from the app or browse through our in-app help guide. 

By adopting a digital experience, Purpl saves time, decreases cost, and improves your experience.

receive money in Lebanon digitally

Purpl is so much more than just your cash out partner. We are built to make your everyday financial needs a breeze. From receiving money in Lebanon to spending it, we cover it all! All you need to do is say, “Purpl me!”

Now that you have more reasons to use Purpl, what are you waiting for? 

Let’s fly in the money 💸🤑

Written By: Ahmad Haidar

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