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What Did Our Early Adopters Have to Say About Purpl?

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At Purpl, customer experience is at the heart of what we do; thriving to bring the best experience to all our users.

We reached out to more than 150 beta users who have downloaded Purpl and signed up on the app to welcome them to our community, and sent them out a survey. Some which joined us since our first app release on April 2022 and believed in us from day one.

This helped us tweak and fine-tune our product based on our early adopters needs.

Do we claim it’s perfect? Not yet! The many more users that’ll join our journey along the way will contribute to giving the feedback that will get us to that point of perfection. And you’ll be the judge of it 🧑‍⚖️.

What did We Ask our Users?

The purpose of the survey was to focus on receiving feedback on 4 important pillars that’ll allow us to make Purpl better. Find out what were some of our questions👇

Visual Appeal 👀

Out of 95 answers, we had 95 users say the Purpl app is visually appealing and easy on the eye. Our UX/UI designer was overwhelmed with emotions after that and sends everyone a hug 🤗💜.

Navigation 🧭

We really care about our user experience, and how people go around the app to find what they’re looking for. Most of the users have found it easy to find what they’re looking for.

But our work doesn’t stop here and we will keep on iterating based on your feedback and as we add new features on Purpl!

Verification Process 🕵️

Our Verification process is absolutely easy, safe and barely takes a minute. And 88.4% of the users who took the survey and who verified their profile said it was clear and easy steps to follow: taking a picture of your government ID and a selfie.

Up & Running 🏃

An app that’s not running smoothly and with a lot of bugs would be a huge disappointment to the users and our geek team.

Almost 90% of our surveyed users said it ran smoothly without encountering any bugs. And only a few did encounter minor bug issues. We’ve had several updates ever since, and our mighty developers worked on clearing out the bugs 🐛

Your Feedback is Valuable to Purpl

At Purpl, the voice of our users is always heard, and your feedback is valuable to us.

We also got some really interesting suggestions, whether it’s a product feature request or an enhancement in our overall user experience on the app. We’re making sure they don’t go unheard, and our product roadmap includes many of those suggestions.

If you have any feedback or suggestion that you think can help us be better, please feel free to reach out on purpl@purplme.com and share them; we’d love to hear what you have in mind for us.

Since we did our outreach and sent out the survey, we made a lot of enhancements to our product.

Remember, we’re not perfect now, but with your support and belief in our product and our mission, Purpl will become the best version of itself and keep on delivering above and beyond customer experience.

A Special Thanks to Purpl’s Early Adopters

To the early adopters of Purpl, our whole team thanks you from the heart for believing in Purpl and for joining us on this journey from day one.

If you’re reading this and haven’t signed up for Purpl yet, we think now is a good time to jump on board. Join Purpl’s mission to connect, empower and enable financial access to all.

Written by: Ahmad Haidar

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