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User Feedback: Sending Money to Lebanon with Purpl

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We want to Empower You! 💪

One of the main pillars of Purpl’s mission is to empower our users. We want them to feel that they are in control and at ease when performing their normal daily transactions. This is why we made sure to partner with the best in business – Paysend and Remitly, through which you or your loved ones can send money to Lebanon with just a few taps on your smartphone.

If you’re reading this, you’re either still familiarizing yourself with how Purpl works; or you have it figured out but would like to first hear from others who have tried it.

We surveyed 200+ users who used our partners’ platforms to send money to their loved ones in Lebanon through Purpl, and we’re excited to share their experiences with you and learn how Purpl has made their lives easier. 

So without further ado, let’s hear from our satisfied Purpl users! 

Discovering Purpl 🔎

  • Most senders heard about us and our digital remittance partners through friends and family, or through social media – equally! 

This means that we not only did a good job at reaching you through your social media but there is some good word of mouth going on! 🥰

  • Before discovering Purpl, most senders were using other money transfer companies to send money. Only a few were relying on bank transfers.

The Purpl Experience ✨

  • 60% of senders gave their experience with Purpl and its partners a 4-star rating. 
  • The remaining 40% gave it a 5-star rating! 
How would you rate your experience with Purpl and its partners

We love it!
Our users’ feedback is extremely valuable to us and the Purpl team is always striving to deliver the best experience. Whether it’s the user experience on the app, the sending process, customer support, or our communication with users, we are always listening and improving!

The Fees 💰

  • 80% of senders found our partner’s fees to be more affordable in comparison to other money transfer providers.
  • On another hand, 10% felt that it was the same and another 10% thought it was more expensive.
Compared to to other services how did you find our partners fees

We are always in communication with our current and potential partners to maintain the lowest fees in the market.

Where Does the Real Value Lie? ⌛

  • Despite most senders finding money transfers to Purpl more affordable, the most valuable aspect to them was the instant transfer. 
  • The second valuable aspect was convenience, followed by the low fees!
What do you feel is the most valuable aspect that Purpl offers

At Purpl, we’re not only promising you low fees, we want to make the entire experience for you a breeze.

Issues? 🤔

  • No sender encountered a major issue in the sending process.
  • Minor paperwork and sign up issues were resolved promptly by our partners on their platforms.

Don’t Hear It From Us, Hear It From Them! 🤩

  • 90% of senders would recommend using Purpl and its partners to send money to friends and loved ones to Lebanon.
How likely are you to recommend Purpl to<br>friends and family

Aiming for that 100% 🚀

What Did They Have to Add? 💬

As additional comments, many senders had nothing to add.

Nothing, it is perfect.
– Anonymous Sender

Some suggested the addition of new cash out partners, more currency options, and transfer limit increases.

We are always in the process of adding more remittance AND cash out partners, with the goal of enabling you to send from any country you wish. Also, we are always following updates on local and international regulations to optimize our sending limits and services accordingly! 🧑‍💻

The Gist 

Your feedback, more than anything else, is what helps us improve! 
We at Purpl always strive to deliver the best customer service and experience, and are always taking your feedback and suggestions and putting them into action. We know that there is still a lot to be done, and this will be achieved with your support.

After all, Purpl is made for Lebanon, powered by YOU.

So if you’re still wondering if you should give it a try, go ahead and tell us all about your experience! We’re listening 💜

Written by: Maria Sawaya

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