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5 Tips to Build a Strong Early Adopters Base: Purpl’s Early Customer Success Journey

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Early adopters are the adventurous pioneers of the business world. They are not only always on the lookout for the next big thing, embracing new technologies, products, and ideas with open arms but they also immensely contribute to the success and growth of a product. At Purpl, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing the immense benefits that early adopters bring to the table. Engaging with them from day one not only allows you to tap into their invaluable insights but also paves the way for building a strong and loyal customer base. In this blog, we will explore five effective strategies to build a strong early adopter base, ensuring that they feel valued, involved, and integral to the product journey.

Engage with your early adopters from day 1

Early adopters are eager to be part of something new and innovative. By involving them right from the start, you can establish a strong foundation of support. Set up a strategy to reach out to every single user that signs up, craft a personalized outreach through email, messages, or phone calls. Make sure to express your appreciation for their interest in your product and to highlight their role as pioneers. Moreover, make sure to provide them with a seamless onboarding experience and be there whenever they need help.

At Purpl, we contact each user who receives a transaction and make sure that the process is clear to them and assist whenever needed so they can have a flawless experience. Moreover, we hosted several events where we met with our early adopters. We met with them at the ATMs to make sure they have a seamless cash out experience and to assist them through the process. We also recently hosted an event at our offices to meet and greet them, where we listened to their feedback and we showed them our appreciation.

Gather Feedback Early On and Take Action

If there’s one thing that is important it’s FEEDBACK! The more you gather the better. Grab every opportunity you have to gather feedback. The only way to move forward is through data and at the beginning the only available source is your early adopters. When applicable, establish easy-to-use feedback channels such as forms, dedicated email, or chat support. Make the process as straightforward and simple as possible enabling early adopters to share their thoughts effortlessly.

Next is taking action. To systematically review and analyze the feedback received from different channels, identify recurring themes, pain points, and valuable suggestions. Categorize this feedback based on urgency and impact allowing you to prioritize the most critical areas for improvement.

Here, we use various channels to gather as much feedback as possible: phone calls, live chat, in-app feedback, emails, surveys, and focus group sessions. All feedback is then consolidated and shared company-wide to put it into action.

Make them feel part of your product journey

Early adopters want to feel involved and connected to your product. Offer early adopters exclusive sneak peeks and previews of upcoming features, updates, or product roadmaps. Share behind-the-scenes insights and provide them with a glimpse into the development process. This not only builds excitement but also gives them a sense of belonging to the product’s evolution. Moreover, grant them early access to new releases or beta versions of your product. This allows them to experience the latest enhancements firsthand and provide valuable input. By involving them in testing and iterating, they become active participants in shaping the product’s development and can take pride in their contributions.

How we do that? In the events we host, we communicate openly about the product’s journey and the challenges we faced. We seek their input and ideas for product enhancement, features, or even marketing strategies. In addition, we host focus group sessions where early adopters are asked to explore new features or flows and give us their feedback.

Include them in your WHY

Remember why you started and keep going! As Simon Sinek said: people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Share your passion and enthusiasm for your product. Explain why you are personally invested in its success and how it aligns with your values. By focusing on your why, you can attract early adopters who resonate with your purpose and are genuinely passionate about supporting your product. Authenticity and genuine excitement are contagious, and early adopters are more likely to connect with and support a brand that demonstrates a strong passion for its purpose.

We wrote a blog about our WHY a while back where we shared the importance of focusing on the WHY. Purpl wants to be the voice of the 20M plus Lebanese all around the world and in Lebanon that can no longer count on the institutions that were created to serve them and put their interests first.

Ask them to refer friends and family

Asking your early adopters to refer their friends and family is a powerful way to expand your base. The power of personal recommendations along with the firsthand experiences and genuine testimonials of the early adopters can influence their friends and family’s decision making process. Encourage them to share their success stories and positive experiences.

When applicable, offer incentives or rewards for successful referrals. Make the referral program easy to participate in and track, providing clear instructions on how to refer and how the rewards will be received. By offering tangible incentives, you encourage early adopters to actively promote your product within their circles. Moreover, provide the early adopters with the right tools to make it easier.

On Purpl, every user has access to their unique referral code that can be easily shared with friends and family. Although we still do not have an active referral program, we are definetely working on it! Moreover, we have published and we will keep on publishing material that makes it easy for anyone to share information about Purpl.

Building a strong early adopter base is a pivotal step towards product success. By engaging with them from day one, making them feel part of the product journey, and acting upon their feedback, you can foster a community of passionate advocates who not only support your product but actively contribute to its growth. Remember, early adopters are your most valuable partners, and their involvement can propel your product to new heights. Embrace their insights, harness their enthusiasm, and watch your product thrive.

Written by: Mayssa Abillama

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