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Travel Light With Purpl: Send Yourself Money While Visiting Lebanon

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Are you planning a trip to Lebanon this summer? Perhaps you are looking forward to taste your mom’s best tabkha or that after-hours knefeh but you are worried about all the cash you need to carry with you? We have the perfect solution for you! Send yourself money while visiting Lebanon through Purpl. Purpl allows you to send money from 45+ countries through its partners, Paysend and Remitly, and receiving instantly on your Purpl app in Lebanon. By using Purpl, you can avoid the hassle of carrying large sums of cash and worrying about the safety of your money.

Don’t carry bulks of cash

While traveling, carrying large sums of cash can be risky and stressful. You never know when you might lose it, or it could get stolen. Fortunately, there is a safer and more convenient solution. By sending yourself money through a reliable money transfer service like Purpl, you can ensure that you have enough cash to cover your expenses without putting yourself at risk. With a few clicks, you receive the money instantly to your Purpl account, and cash out instantly, with zero fees, in your own time.

Send yourself money anytime

You unexpectedly got invited to an important outing that you didn’t budget for? You invited your parents to lunch and forgot your wallet at home? We got you covered! You can send yourself money anytime from your phone and receive it instantly on your Purpl app, find the nearest ATM and cash out the money within seconds. You never have to worry about budgeting for your trip or running out of cash ever again!

Benefit from the lowest sending fees and zero cash out fees

One of your biggest concerns might be the fees. We got you covered on that one too! Traditional money transfer methods can often charge high fees for sending money internationally or for cashing out at local locations. In Lebanon for example, traditional money transfer services charge 2% on cash out. These fees can add up quickly. With Purpl, you can benefit from the lowest sending fees from our sending partners Paysend and Remitly in just a few clicks (you need to link an international card or bank account) and cash out with ZERO fees. This means that you can access your money without worrying about hidden costs or fees.

Cash out from anywhere in Lebanon

Once you received the money and regardless of your location, you can easily cash out from 100+ ATMs in Lebanon without a card or a bank account. Purpl partnered with Banque Libano-Fran├žaise to enable cardless ATM cash outs in Lebanon. All you need to do is generate an OTP on the app and you are good to go!

Sending yourself money with Purpl while visiting Lebanon is a safe, convenient, and affordable option to save time, money, and stress. With Purpl, you can send money to yourself anytime, benefit from low sending fees, and cash out from anywhere in Lebanon. So, if you’re planning a trip to Lebanon, avoid carrying cash and consider sending yourself money to make your trip more enjoyable and worry-free.

Written by: Mayssa Abillama

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