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The team behind Purpl & Important Announcement 🚀

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Hello there, it’s me, Purpl! 😉

It’s been a while since we last spoke! Well, 1 week perhaps? Feels like an eternity when you’ve been as busy as we have been! 😵  But today I am coming to you with exciting news. I COULDN’T WAIT ANY LONGER TO SHARE THEM WITH YOU!

But first, let me give you some insider scoop about what has been happening behind the curtains. 🧐 

Last week, I introduced myself and told you more about who I am and why I was created. So now let me introduce you to my team.

Besides giving me an identity, they have been working very hard on creating me in a way I can deliver on my mission to democratize cross-border money transfer flows and enable financial access to all 🚀. 

🍔 Karl, our co-founder & CEO, aside from his obsession with carbs (he avoids them like the devil), loves to work standing at his desk and developed a new obsession with testing my app day in day out! He is an advocate of customer experience and wants everything to be perfect.

🐱 Being overwhelmed, Jean-Marie our co-founder & COO taught his cat to assist him with his tasks. Who needs a virtual PA when you have a cat. His now personal assistant, Leo,  has been overviewing the development process and project managing. Meow! 

🌟 Wissam, our co-founder & CBDO has been busy doing what he does best, networking and making me famous by introducing me to his social network! Oh, and by the way, we all think Leo should help him manage his calendar better! Keep going Wissam! 

🧘‍♀️ Rim, our jack of all trades, juggling between her yoga classes and work, has been planning my future steps in a very meticulous and compliant way so I will always be able to make sure I am always up to date with the latest regulations and policies to keep all of my users safe.

🔥 Nour, our UX guru, and in my case my personal brand consultant (she gave me a face) , is all about aesthetics and experience. She has been working very hard to make sure that my app is good-looking and easy to use for all of you.

📅 Mayssa, our marketing & coms specialist, has been drowning with planning: teaser campaigns, launch campaigns, emails, blogs… to make sure you will never miss my important updates! 

👩 Here I am, busy overviewing everyone’s work and making sure everything is right on track.

👨‍💻 As for our developers, Philip, Dan, and Denniel, our Filipino mafia, they are camera shy and all I can share is that they have been busy as bees building my core engine, the backbone of what we hope all of you will be using regularly to send, receive, and spend in a new way.

Now it’s time to share with you the collective progress we have made. We are well on our way to revolutionise the remittance and digital wallets industry in Lebanon and are excited to announce the launch of our Private Beta Purpl app to which a select group of early adopters will have access to on April 1st! I promise this is not an April’s fools prank.

With the Purpl App, you will be able to cash out fresh USD at ZERO fees instantly, anywhere, anytime and for you the sender it will be up to 2x cheaper than with your usual money transfer companies. Sending, Receiving and Spending now have a new meaning!

Yours Truly,


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