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Financial Inclusion

Purpl Reshaping the Lebanese Remittance Market

Purpl was made for Lebanon, to reconnect the diaspora population with their home country by facilitating remittance payments, lowering remittance costs, and enabling financial inclusion. Purpl aims to become the first remittance and cash out aggregator to facilitate cross-border payments into – and eventually out of – Lebanon and enable its customers to make use of Purpl digital wallet to transact at Purpl merchants’ network.

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The History of the Lebanese Diaspora & Remittances

Lebanon is the Arab country with the longest history of emigration accompanied by a history of remittances. It is almost a fact that every Lebanese household has been touched by emigration, whether a family member or a friend. According to Eliane Fersan, the earliest example of modern Lebanese migration date to the 1850s when Anthonius al-Bashalani set foot in America. Ever since both emigration and remittances shaped Lebanon.

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4 Reasons Why Digital Remittances Are Important

Remittances have been constantly evolving throughout centuries. In this post, we aim to shed some light on the evolution of remittances from the Hawala system to digital remittances and the 4 reasons why they are important in today’s globally connected world.


Purpl: Democratizing Money Transfers to Lebanon

One-third of Humanity relies on remittances. It is estimated that 1 billion immigrants worldwide help their families by sending money back home. On average, each migrant who sends money back home in the form of remittances supports three individuals, as