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4 Reasons Why Sending Money May be the Best Christmas Gift 🎁

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Christmas 🎄 is around the corner and we are all wondering what might be the perfect gift for our loved ones, especially for those of us who are living abroad. Sending gifts shows our friends and family that we love them and care for them even from a distance. So if you are living abroad and are looking for the perfect gift this holiday, you might want to consider the benefits of sending money this season. 💰

Here’s why sending money back home on Christmas might be the perfect gift: 

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Sending money is the right gift for almost everyone

Finding the perfect gift for someone might be challenging and stressful sometimes. Sending your loved one money gives them the opportunity to buy themselves the perfect gift or put it towards their living expenses. Who doesn’t like receiving money anyways? 😎

Sending money guarantees your gift is well received

Although we all enjoy sending our loved ones gifts to express our feelings but during the holidays it might be too stressful. 😬Traffic, damaged delivery, late delivery or even no delivery at all, can all ruin the jolly experience. Sending money as a Christmas gift means you do not have to worry about all of these! Sending money, through Purpl‘s partners, such as Paysend and Remitly for example, is a guarantee that your gift is well received and right on time.

Save more to gift more

Everything gets more expensive during the holidays, especially shipping fees. 📈 We almost never take shipping fees into consideration when budgeting for a gift. This either diminishes our gift budget or leaves us overspending. So, instead of going over budget and paying outrageous shipping fees, save that money and send it back home to your loved ones where they can make the most out of it. 

Purpl makes your life easier

With the lowest transfer fee for you as a sender and zero cash out fees for your beneficiaries, Purpl is here to make your holidays more enjoyable. 😍 Moreover, with Purpl, your loved ones receive money the moment you click on that ‘send’ button. No delayed gifts anymore! And if you are worried that your loved ones will spend endless time waiting in queues to cash out, we also got this one covered. We have more than 100+ ATMs available 24/7, allowing your loved ones to cash out anywhere, anytime depending on their convenience. 

How to send money through Purpl

Are you wondering how you can send money through Purpl? 😉

Purpl partnered with Paysend and Remitly to make sending money to Lebanon a lot easier and cheaper. Sending money back home is just a few clicks away. If you still haven’t, download Paysend or Remitly and create an account. Then, choose Lebanon as your receiving country and add your loved one’s details. Hit that send button and the money is already received!

Written by: Mayssa Abillama 

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